Lana Wolf in USA TV/Radio & Grand Ole Opry

Lana Wolf about her new album Fireflies in Nashville and her theater show The American Country Legends. Interviewed by Steve Bowers, Jackson, Tennessee.

TV/Radio show “Blue Suede Forever with Steve Bowers” is broadcasting live weekdays from 6am to 9am from the Dixie Cafe in the Old Country Store on JEA’s EPlusTV Channels 6 or 206HD, 103.7FM, WDXI 1310AM, and with interviews on Facebook Live.

Jaxon Records

At the end of the interview, Studio 19 (Nashville) owner and producer Larry Rogers, talks about recording Lana at Jaxon Records Jackson, TN.


Grand Ole Opry

As mentioned in the interview, next day Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry…


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