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Byron Berline

Lana Wolf en Byron Berline (1990) ...

Interview at country music radioshow

An interview with Ans Heuvers of the country music radioshow, at the Local Broadcast Zwolle (L.O.Z). ...

De Zwolsche Muziekfabriek

From 2000 till 2007 I sang with the big band 'De Zwolsche Muziekfabriek'. In 2001 an album was released with ...

Nature ‎– Free Your Mind – The Mystery Remixes

Free Your Mind, The Mystery Remixes 2001 I co-wrote a trance-song! On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/25-vocal-trance-hits/id399374402# On Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Nature-Free-Your-Mind-The-Mystery-Remixes/release/106212 ...

Those Were The Days

From 2004 till 2007 I was part of the theater production 'Those Were The Days'. A show with music from the ...

Terug naar de kust

In 2006 I toured with the Dutch theatershow 'Terug naar de kust'. A show with well known dutch songs from ...

De Grote Kerstshow

In 2006 I toured with 'The Great X-mas theatershow' together with Peter Corry and The Gentlemen Singers.  It was a show ...

The American Country Legends – pilot

For many years it has been my dream to produce a country music show in the Dutch theaters. In 2007 ...

The Soul of Motown

For one night Amsterdam was the City of Soul. In the RAI Theater I performed together with Jocelyn Brown, The ...


An epic period of me singing with several bands was with the band: The Blaze of Glory, aka De Blaas ...

A Tribute to The Beegees

2008 we tributed the Beegees with the theatershow 'A Tribute to the Beegees' ...
Jingles Radio Veronica

Jingles Radio Veronica (National Radio)

Radio Jingles for Veronica at Top Format a.o. Bert Heerink, Sandra Dorland, Han van Eijk. ...

Something About Lana

As a young girl Lana Wolf already dreamt of making an album with songs that would deeply move her. Her ...


A dream come true! Friday, November 18th was the day! The Queen Experience in the Gelredome! After months of preparation ...

Radio Jingles Optimaal FM

Radio Jingles Optimaal FM with Martin van de Starre at The Top Format studios. ...
South-Africa rehearsals

TV Special South-Africa ‘The Golden Voices’

TV Special South-Africa 'The Golden Voices'. What a trip that was! With George Baker, Toni Wille and BZN. 'Mississippi' rehearsal: ...
Maurice Verschuuren Sonic Spring

Jingles for Q-music (National Radio)

Radio Jingles for Q-music with producer Maurice Verschuuren (Sonic Spring). ...
D-licious rehearsal

Bei mir bist du.. with D-licious

With my girlfriends Pien Schneider and Mariske Hekkenberg ...
Touring Romania BZN

Touring Romania (BZN)

Touring Romania with BZN: Oradea, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș and Bacău. They are as famous as the Beatles and ABBA ...
Backyard session

My daddy and I singing in the garden

My daddy and I singing in the garden. Love doing this! 🙂 ...
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