Something About Lana

As a young girl Lana Wolf already dreamt of making an album with songs that would deeply move her.
Her leaving for the US (Tuscon, Arizona) to sing, when she was seventeen, shaped her preference for West Coast Rock and Pop music, so the album should therefore be as such. However, for her as a female singer, with a powerful voice, it was not easy to find songs suitable, with the lyrics that touched her.

Till she in 1999 came into contact with Camus Celli and Paul Conte in New York. They hit it off quite well and had a brief opportunity to discuss their music. Quickly Lana headed back for The Netherlands to bring across her enthusiasm to her management. Unfortunately, due to that very same management, it all ended there and then.

Back in The Netherlands Lana performed since then with well known artists and was part of several theatre productions and bands. Not without success, but the itch remained: Lana had to release her own album. She put money aside and kept looking for the right sound. Till 2008, when she heard  ‘Follow Through’ by Gavin DeGraw, playing on the radio. She recognized the sound and knew: “This is it!”

It showed she recognized Camus Celli’s work (a friend of Gavins, that had worked on the album ‘Chariot’). Passionately she began looking for Camus’ number, but nowhere to be found. After a lot of web surfing, E-mailing and many phone calls, she finally reached him. His successes with Tina Turner, Cece Peniston, Chaka Khan, John Farnham etc., made him not an easy person to get a hold of, but persistent as Lana was, she did.

Lana explained to him, that she would love to make a Pop/Rock album with beautiful lyrics, but could not write herself, being a native Dutch. Camus still remembering her as very passionate about music, next to the respect for her drive (she was doing all for the album by herself), caved: “Meet me next week in my studio.”.

The week after, she was singing in his studio -with a view to the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of Manhattan-, on the very spot where great artists went before her! Her passion for music became part of her again and under passionate guidance of Camus, the songs were recorded. Dave Kutch, mastering music of the likes of Alicia Keys en Natasha Bedingfield, mastered the album of Lana in New York.

This passion you feel in all songs written by Camus and Paul Conte (and others), throughout the album. De lyrics are about the ups and downs in love and life, but most of all the message is, not to go with just good enough, and that things will turn out for the better in the end.
The singles that preceeds the album, subsequently are Letting Go and See The Light:

See The Light had 34 as highest position October 2010 in the Dutch Single top 100:

Dutch Single Top 100lana-op-32

top100-1 lana wolf top 100

lana wolf top 100


These songs and a few of the most beautiful ballads, blend this Pop/Rock album into a musical emotional rollercoaster, of which its message speaks out to everyone.

But not just take only our word for it: the album ‘Something About Lana’ can be purchased here: iTunes and here:



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