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One of my favorite songs is 'Another Time or Place'. When I wrote this song, I had another world in mind: Another dimension, in which that one love, that life, could perhaps exist.

June 2016 'Fireflies in Nashville' was recorded at 'Studio 19 (Now at The Soundkitchen)', Nashville. A marvelous studio! At The Soundkitchen ao. Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts and Dolly Parton, have recorded their album.

The day we recorded 'Another Time or Place', I concluded with the line "...and dance with fireflies". At that moment, a storm originating all the way from Texas, was out over Nashville. It caused the power to go down in the studio, as well as outside. As I went out in to the warm evening, I noticed blinking fireflies everywhere. A magical sight. As I was admireing how the male firelies lit up, to signal their desire for the female fireflies, a friend texted me -she did not know, I just worked on that particular song-: "Lana, there are fireflies everywhere!". A goosebumps moment! As I was thinking about this later, I knew it! The title of my album is: Fireflies in Nashville.

The first single of the album is Love Being a 70's Child:

The second single of the album is Ball and Chain:

A new album?
After my earlier albums 'Something About Lana' and 'Nashville', I thought: "Done! My bucket list just became shorter.". Until Alan Glass invited me to London to write together. Alan is Preston Glass' brother and they have worked with Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, George Benson, The Temptations, Kenny G and Deniece Williams ao.. I came to know Alan via the vocal demo's I record for some US artists.

August 2016, Lana was at Studio 6 in Jackson to talk about her latest Nashville albums:

Alan Glass
Alan Glass

April 2015 we started writing a new album in London. Now with originals.

One of the writing sessions in London. Here with James Sayer en Lee Ann Roberts - Love Being a 70's Child:

Alan Glass, Lee Ann Roberts, Mick Lee, James Sayer en Rebecca Gregory, have co-written the album. Mixing of the masters has been done by Yannic Fonderie in Brussels, Belgium.

Fireflies in Nashville was be released June 1st, 2017. The first single is Love Being a 70's Child was released May 20th. More information about how the single and album were received you will find here:

Here, how some of the songs were recorded at the studio in Nashville. A compilation:

June 2017, Lana returned to Nashville and Jackson for an interview and recording:

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Lana Wolf

Lana signed her first record deal in 1997. She hit the charts and was broadcasted on national radio and TV. She worked with several bands and artists like Jocelyn Brown, The Trammps, George McCray, The London Beat, Lois Lane and The Metropole Orchestra.

Lana was starring guest/ lead singer in several theater shows. She had a leading role in the theater show Rockopera in Concert (Royal Dutch Airforce Orchestra) and was the support act of The Queen Spectacular, where she sang in Ahoy (Rotterdam, NL). Lana performed with The Queen Experience in a sold out Gelredome (35000 people, Arnhem, NL). Currently, she performs in and produces her theater show The American Country Legends.
After several years of touring through Europe, Lana recorded Something About Lana, in New York (2010), with top producer Camus Celli (Gavin DeGraw, Tina turner, Chaka Khan ao.). 2014 she went to the USA again, to record an album with some of the finest musicians from Nashville. The album Nashville was released November 2014. Lana wrote and produced Fireflies in Nashville in London and Nashville, with ao. top producer Alan Glass (Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, George Benson, The Temptations, Kenny G, Deniece Williams ao.) and released it independently, in 2017.
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2009 Lana was side-kick and producer of the radio show Stenders Eetvermaak (3FM) and from 2008 till 2013, she was the weekly side-kick of Rob Stenders at KX Radio (3FM). From 2011 till 2015, Lana produced and hosted her radioshow Het Uur Van De Wolf (3FM).


Fireflies in Nashville 2017
Fireflies in Nashville

Country/Westcoast CD album recorded in 2016, Nashville. Producers: Lana Wolf, Alan Glass. Writers: Lana Wolf, Alan Glass, James Sayer, Lee Ann Roberts, Mick Lee, Rebecca Louise Gregory. Mixing: Yannic Fonderie.

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The Making of

Nashville 2014

Country CD/LP album recorded in 2014, Nashville. A compilation of country hits. Producers: Lana Wolf, John Heinrich.

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Album Teaser

Something About Lana 2010
Something About Lana

Pop-Rock CD album recorded from 2008 till 2010, New York. Writers/ Producers: Camus Celli, Paul Conte, Lana Wolf.

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Lana Wolf | Artist, Singersong-writer, Producer, Vocal Coach